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Categories and tags in WordPress

Categories and tags in WordPress

What are Categories and tags or tags in WordPress? How to use them correctly? Why are they important for SEO? I tell you everything. The correct use of categories and tags or tags in English is very important to organize your blog information in WordPress. What will you find about categories and tags in WordPress? […]

Four Website Actions you can Track with Google Tag Manager

There are limitless actions you can track to improve data gathering. Here is a step-by-step guide with website actions important to digital marketing measurement. Google Analytics offers a wealth of data via the default installation, but many actions aren’t tracked by default. Getting additional tracking in place often entails digging into technical documentation and working […]

What Is Best For Your Website? To AMP Or Not To AMP

It seems like just the other day that I made public my plans to “go mobile” with one of my sites.In fact, it was months ago.More to the point, I had a change of heart. Yes, I did go mobile. I went fully responsive, so that my site will look amazing on all screen sizes. […]

The information architecture applied to web development

The term “Information Architecture” (IA) refers to the classification, identification and structuring of information in informatics. In the development of web pages it plays an especially relevant role, since it refers to the design of structured web pages. For web designers, this means defining the themes and products first and then classifying them into semantic […]

WordPress Security: Best Tips

Improving WordPress security is up to you WordPress Security experts know two things well: Security is like an onion, with many layers. Total security is never achieved. Keep reading because in addition to understanding these two facts, you will fulfill your goal of improving security on your website. Look closely because some of the security […]