Facebook Hires Journalists For Its “News” Section

Facebook is hiring a team of journalists to staff its news tab

Facebook confirmed the creation of a “News” section in which it will show its users the main news and will be promoted with the hiring of an experienced team of journalists.

The social network will have the experience of professional journalists to select appropriate and true articles, Campbell Brown, responsible for informative collaborations on Facebook, told AFP.

Another part of the content of this space will be selected through algorithms, which will determine the interests of Facebook users through the pages consulted.

“Our goal with this” News “heading is to provide a very personalized and relevant experience,” Brown said.

“For the‘ Top News ’section, we will form a small team of journalists to make sure we recommend good articles,” he explained.

But most of the contents of this information section will be determined by an algorithm, Brown explained.

Facebook, which is based in California, a few years ago promoted a series of initiatives to strengthen the journalistic sector, after this social network received numerous criticisms for the dissemination of false news.

“Our goal this year is to ensure that the‘ Actuality ’service is up to par,” Brown had previously assured in his Twitter account.

«We are in an initial phase, but the reactions are being positive. I think we can offer Facebook users a better press experience, ”he explained.

Facebook will pay some media to use its contents.

“I want to be sure, as far as possible, of financing a journalism of the best possible quality,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerber had already said earlier this year. AFP

SOURCE: Business Insider

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