Google Revamps Test My Site Mobile Site Speed Tool

Google revamps Test My Site mobile site speed tool

See how your site stacks up against competitors, get recommendations for improvement.

Google has revamped its site speed tool that first launched in 2016, the company announced Monday. Test My Site (which really can be used to test any site without the user being the verified owner) now features more details on a site’s mobile site speed.

What’s going on? Inside a few seconds, the device will produce a report to indicate you:

The speed of both the whole site and of individual pages and whether the site or page speed is quicker or slower contrasted with the earlier month.

A Quick, Normal or Moderate score for site speed or page speed and a benchmark report against contender locales.

The potential effect of site speed on income and a point by point rundown of prescribed repairs to expand speed on to 5 pages on the site.

A total report to download and impart to your group.

Why you should mind. Site speed has been a triumph metric for a very long time, and the development of versatile just enhanced its significance. Google refered to The Territory of Online Retail Execution finding that a one-moment delay in versatile burden time can affect transformation rate by as much as 20 percent.

Site speed devices like Google’s can offer directional bits of knowledge on your site’s exhibition just as proposals for improving burden times and, with that, client experience.

SOURCE: Ads Blog

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